3D Printer Paints With Light


Gianluca (Owen) Pugliese is an artist who uses a variety of materials and 3D technology to create his 3D art masterpieces, including light.

Now working with an Italian company, WASP – which has been manufacturing 3D printers in Italy for the last couple of years, Pugliese is using long exposure times in a dark environment to digitally photograph the movement of a light source attached to a 3D printer. He calls it “CNC light painting.”

WASP gave Pugliese a Turbo to use and he then developed a novel attachment – the LightExtruder – which replaces the plastic material extruder and it does not require any additional power supplies. While Pugliese says the extruder can be used on every Delta, it performs best on a Turbo as that machine allows the LED lights to move faster, thus reducing total exposure time.

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