The Coolest Things People Are Making on 3D Printers

If you can think it, you can create it — thanks to 3D printers. 3D printers are revolutionizing the DIY world, empowering individuals to make the most unlikely products themselves.

Want a bike? Print one outside. They’ll be ready in a jiffy. Need a set of false teeth? Here you go!

The concept behind 3D printing is simple: a printer physically turns your digital computer file into a physical object (it is possible to download designs for 3D printing jobs from websites like Thingiverse). Working like the old fashioned dot-matrix printers — which printed a group of tiny dots that, together, formed words and pictures — 3D printers print layer after layer of images in addition to plastic (or other stuff) to form objects.

The process can take hours or days. But much excessive raw material is left by among the largest benefits of 3D printing: it doesn’t behind.

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