XYZPrinting Ships Worlds First All In One 3d Printer Plus Scanner

New company XYZPrinting has released its first all-in-one 3D printer, which uses a 3D laser scanner to copy objects placed inside it.  While other 3D printing companies sell separate handheld scanners scanning tables, XYZPrinting is the first to incorporate scanning into a consumer-grade printer.

The da Vinci 1.0 AiO all-in-one 3D printer plus scanner costs $799, putting this multi-featured printer in a class of its own in a marketplace where even the most basic 3D printers can have price tags of over $1,000.

Taiwan-based XYZPrinting’s thrives on that business model — low priced, yet sophisticated, consumer-grade printers. Its first 3D printer, the da Vinci 1.0, retailed for just $499. That compares to aMakerBot’s Replicator 3D printer, which retails for $2,899 and has roughly the same build capability.

A more moderately priced 3D printer, the Solidoodle Workbench Apprenticeretails for $799, but it can’t print objects as large as the da Vinci, and does not it have a 3D scanner.

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