Zortrax Announces the Inventure Line of Hi-Res Printers

Polish 3D printer maker Zortrax has only released their Zortrax Inventure, exact 3D printer and a streamlined.
Zortrax made news this past year by landing an order from technology giants Dell for 5,000 of their 3 printer debuted on first D printers and their Kickstarter. That launching created $180,000 in backing for the $1,900 3D printer, and Karolina Bołądź, Rafał Tomasiak, and Tomasz Drosio of Zortrax have kept the ball rolling from there with the development of the Inventure.
This Zortrax 3D printer, like others in the line, features an integrated environment for 3D printing including filaments and stuff and the business’s copyrighted applications.
Zortrax options have taken the Zortrax M200 for greatest strategist and for the Design Living Award, won the Greatest and 3D Hubs Greatest Plug & Play Apparatus a year ago Background Apparatus Global Award.


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