4D Printing Market worth $537.8 Million by 2025

Based on a brand new market research report, “4D Printing Market by Stuff (Programmable Carbon Fiber, Programmable Wood – Custom Printed Wood Grain, Programmable Cloths), End User (Aerospace, Automotive, Clothing, Construction, Defense, Health Care & Utility) & Geography – Global Trends & Outlooks to 2019 – 2025 ” released by MarketsandMarkets (www.marketsandmarkets.com), the overall market is expected to reach $537.8 Million by 2025.

What is 4D Printing Technology?

The additive manufacturing technology has been in existence. Researchers have developed a brand new technology to 3D printing as an extension to add another dimension to additive manufacturing, known as 4D printing. The technology is a mix of 3D printing technology, a software program, and smart fabric. A 3D printer is provided with two input signals—a program that carryies directions to form the ultimate thing and smart material. A program is subsequently embedded by the 3D printer to smart fabric in printing phase. This smart material, when exposed to external energy sources like water, heat, pressure, energy, and so forth, transforms according to the application it is embedded with and responds to the conditions that are external. This is on the verge of commercialization and is a new technology.


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