Forward Thinking Us Firm Churns Out Custom Urns With 3d Printer

Pete Saari, a veteran marketing executive of technology, was less than impressed with standard urns sold through the funeral industry, which he felt ranged from the stereotypical box to various vases and containers and materials available for up to several hundred dollars. He thought there might be a market for more expensive, personalised urns that said something about the deceased; and he knew how they could be created – 3D Printing.

So Saari and a partner started Foreverence, a design and manufacturing business that has begun to be noticed for its bespoke urns that sell for an average of $2,500.

Designs range from a replica Chevrolet Chevelle convertible, to a 22-inch tall Space Shuttle Columbia urn that holds the ashes of a former NASA engineer.  “We have a great deal of respect for funeral-service professionals, but they don’t exactly embrace change and new ideas,” said Saari, who’s going with a direct-to-consumer model.

“We didn’t think traditional urns offered that expression of an individual’s legacy that some families want,” Saari said. “We couldn’t see that anybody was making customised urns.”

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