Make a nearly free house from the giant Wasp BigDelta 3D printer

The WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) BigDelta 3D printer is a 40-foot 3D printer that tackles the problem of disaster relief.

Not only is the BigDelta 3D printer aiming to print houses but it could do so nearly for free thanks to it’s capability to use local materials.

The BigDelta uses a rotating nozzle that doubles as a mixer to keep the 3D printing materials in the correct state for extrusion. Reportedly it only requires 10 watts of power to operate and can use many materials from clay to mud reinforced with small amounts of chemical additives.

Italian engineering company WASP has recently been focused on building shelters manufactured by 12m 3D printer called the Big Delta. Supported by a metal frame 6 m in diameter, the possible building materials are plenty, clay, mud and potentially cement.

The town of Iglesias, in the southern coast of Sardinia, has already shown interest, and currently the historic municipality appears to be the most likely location for the first housing units. Due to its great flexibility in shapes, sizes and choice of materials, 3D-printed housing has more potential than addressing disaster areas.

Building houses is something the BigDelta 3D printer perhaps could be used for interplanetary exploration allowing us to construct dwelling anywhere we go from the locallly available materials.

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